Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Og Kush Strains

Og Kush strains is a weed resign from indcia. But alot of kush cannabis plants are from afghanistan , Northern Western India and Pakistan. Kush was brought to the united States in the 1970s.

O G Kush

Indica  is one out of three species of the generic genius cannabis plant. The cannabis family includes sativa, indica, and rudaralis . Sativa plant are tall skinny with long leave and very lanky. Rudaralis plant does not flower based on season it would rather on plants maturity which might contain small amount of ThC. Sativa is an annual plant. Broad-leafed plannt  from afghanistan , Northern Western India and Pakistan are tradition plants. Inica is where the best hash comes from. CBD testing by pharmacologist was resulted with a variety of people who sayd that they where stoned and a variety that said that they feel less of a high. The Plant referred to body buzz , reliefs pain treats anxiolytic abd insomnia and mental inebriation.

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 Strains of sativa has less chlorophyll and more pigment accessory.
Candy Kush
African Gold Kush
Purple Haze Kush
Bubble Gum Kush

Monday, September 26, 2011

How To Grow Weed From Seed?

The five basic steps to growing a marijuana.
1. Plants Need lots of water.
2. Led grow light is required.
3. The plant need to be ventilated with a fan or be placed out side.
4. Nutrients thing such as plant food or perlite.
5. Temperature need to regulated on the regular basic.
Life cycle of a cannabis  is annual.
In The Spring The Plant is a virgin in the summer the plant is a teen  and in the autumn the plant is mature.
To produced the most potent marijuana separate the male from the female in the own flower pots.
The female will Put all her energy and time in to creating the stickiest ThC bud ever.
This is like a pregnant women going into labor and creating beautiful baby.

Smoking Chronic Weed - Craig and Smokey

Craig and Smokey smoke on some high grade chronic weed. Craig misses a day of work and gets fired so he decieds to smoke a chronic weed blunt with his friend smokey.

What Is Purple Chronic?

Purple Chronic
"Marijuana Cigarette"Image via Wikipedia The Scoop on Chronic Weed
Chronic is a very very strong potent marijuana with a strong Indica leaning  strains developed by serious seeds. Chronic is the high and Quality kind bud That is very expensive the finest weed with no seed. Chronic is grown with perfect care which make THC  very potent. Chronic is notice by its very crystal strains and it smell.

Chronic comes from california and it is called the most smoked piff. OG's smoke chronic all day and Dr.Dre even made an album called chronic in 2001.

Watch video of me Smoking Chronic
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How To Grow Chronic

Fresh Start

   1.  Step one to growing the best chronic plant is to get soil or medium like perlite.

Step 1. soil and Pots
               2.  Step two to growing a plants is to get a led grow light to give the plant the right amount of heat and lighting.
Step 2. Grow lights

               3. Step three is to get a water system and a timer a bucket and fish tank aquarium pump  plants must be water  on the regularly.

Step 3. water system and timer

4. Step four Plant food is important for lots of nutrients . Or looking for a bag of soil with lots of nutrients is also good.

Step 4. Nutrients

5. Step five is ventilation a plant is require to have lost of fresh air to survive. 

Step 6 . Finale step is to sit back and relax and wait  for the plant to fully grow and when u ready to harvest  them dry them in a dark room like a closet.  And wait for them to turn in these.


Water system Plant # 1

Pump System # 2
grown outdoor # 3