Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Kinds Of Phillies Blunts And Flavors

All Kinds Of Phillies Blunts And Flavors

Phillies Blunts are a man made brand of American made cigars.
The cigars are originally made in Philadelphia Pennsylvania from which the brand get it name from.
Phillies come in certain different sizes and flavors.
Blunt, cigarillo, mini blunts, black max, cheroot, mexicali slim, panatella, titan, perfecto, sweet, and tip.
The cigar is also located  in and Edward hopper painting. Gas Stations and Convenience stores as well as smoke shops sell phillies  which are also prefer as phille blunt or blunts. Since the 80's the phillies are prefer to a marijuana cigar. This cigar is a tough wrapper sorta similar to rolling paper is usually emptied and re rolled with other mixtures and substances  which are normally marijuana.
There are many different flavor variety of philles blunt, grape, sour apple, pineapple, sugar, peach, berry, tequila, chocolate aroma, pina colada, cinnamon, sweet vanilla, strawberry, mango, honey, Greene de men the, sambuca, watermelon, coconut, rum, coffee, banana. They also come in a variety of different sizes such as sweet, tip, blunt, cheroot, cigarillo perfecto any many more.

Phillies from my personal experience are great and burn slow and long  i just don't like the flavor when im rolling it. Also i hate when they are very stale.


  1. I haven't been able to find Phillies Coconut Cigarillos for like 2years now....Do u know where i can aquire?

  2. i actually have coconut rillos at the smoke shop by my house. im dieing to find some Phillies COFFEE BLUNTS! i need them for a project im doing.. and i would hook the person up who can send me at least 20 of them.

  3. There is nobody in the US who isn’t aware of Phillies Cigars . Even people who don’t smoke are very much aware of it. The brand manufactures cigars in so many varieties that you never get bored of them! I am a staunch supporter of Phillies cigars and smoke them whenever I can.