Monday, November 21, 2011

Marijuana Hot Chocolate Recipe

Marijuana Hot Chocolate Recipe

First step to making marijuana (weed, bud, ganja, dank, etc) hot chocolate is ingredients:

5 Grams of finely grind ed grounded up weed (Marijuana, bud, ganja, dank, etc) 
1/3 cups of milk 1 per serving
1/2 cups of light cream 1 per serving
Toaster Oven 
baking sheet or tin foil
As many hot chocolate serving that needed

Step two is to take the baking sheet of the tin foil and place the the finely grind ed grounded marijuana on the baking sheet or wrap it in the tin foil

Step Three preheat the toaster or oven to 270 degrees Fahrenheit and place the baking sheet or tin foil in for 15 minutes. This is turning the THC into a psychoactive THC. The marijuana will smell and steam during the process ordinary it also will turn the color brown but that average.

Step four Mix the milk and the light cream on the stove in a pan on low heat.
Step Five add the finely grind ed  grounded marijuana

Step Six keep the boiling milk, cream, and marijuana on low if it boils over the heat is too high take the heat off until it cool and put it back on low heat

Strain into cup or a mug and squeeze the marijuana to get the milk out

Add Hot Chocolate Mixture

add any flavor such a vanilla,almonds, french vanilla, pumpkin spice to simmer a nice flavor added alcohol will dissolve some THC

Drink it on a completely empty stomach to fill the full effect of the high
The stronger the weed the better the high

I Might take a couple of hour depend on how much is dunking

Here a video tutorial on how to make  pot hot chocolate

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