Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two Different Ways To Make A Marijuana Vaprizor

Homemade Marijuana Vaporizer

First Step to making a homemade vaporizer is the supplies:

Light Bulb
screw driver 
bottle cap
small tube

Second step is to carefully and slowly cut the metal tip of the light bulb away from the ceramic base
After you bend the tip you can take or pry the metal piece off

Third Step is to use the knife and apply pressure to the center hole that the metal tip was taken from
Twist the knife in the center so that the ceramic base will crack after you crack the ceramic base remove the rest with a knife

Step four use the screw driver to crack the inner side of the light bulb carefully without breaking the outer bulb empty inner bulb inside trash

Step Five Wash the light bulb in hot water and soap make sure the bulb is clean inside and out

Step six poke a hole in the cap with a screw driver or knife make sure the hole is large enough to fit the tube perfectly
if the hole is not a good fit try again

Step seven Grind up your marijuana( Bud, ganja, weed, etc) and place inside the inner bulb the screw the cap on the metal base

You finally Finished creating the light bulb vaporizer Now time to enjoy and use
 here and video on how to make a light bulb vaporizer

Second Way to Make Homemade Light bulb Vaporizer

Step One to making homemade vaporizer is materials:
Clear Light bulb
Electrical Tape
Two Hollowed Out Pens

Cap From Two Liter Bottle

Hot Glue Gun




Follow instruction carefully for a seal tight Vaporizer

Step one carefully remove the top metal tip of the light bulb included all the blackish purplish material at the end try not to mess up the metal

Step Two Clean out the filaments inside the inner bulb into trash then clean out with warm water and soap and don't forget to wash the outer bulb

Step Three Take your cap and puncture two in it make sure your holes are big enough to fit your pens tubes threw Hot Glue them in place so that they are secure

Step five grind of the marijuana until it powdery take bottle cap with the secure pens to the metal part of the light bulb  

Step six use the electrical tape to make the cap of the light Bulb vaporizer airtight to get a perfect hit

Step seven light and candle and hold the bulb 1inche away from the flame until you see a transparent vapor inside the bulb don't forget to have two finger cover the holes as this is done

Step eight uncover both hole and inhale thew bigger and longer tube

Here a video on how to make your own custom vaporizer

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